Construction Retail store Ljungby

A small investment led to major savings.

The background

Norskens Wood in Ljungby is a traditional building supplies store. It also makes windows, specialising in circular and half moon shaped frames. In 2009, the company moved south of Ljungby, Sweden into brand new premises. These included a retail store, office and staff areas of approximately 600 square meters on two levels. Norskens Wood turned to the local plumber ”Ohlssons Rör” to install a new heating system, explaining that they wanted a solution that demanded a minimum amount of effort.


In spite of the large area that needed heating, costs were moderate. This made it hard to evaluate the benefits of a drilling or digging solution. The local plumber ”Ohlssons Rör” therefore selected a NIBE air/water heat pump. Air/water heat pumps are slightly less efficient than ground source heat pumps, but since no drilling is necessary, the installation costs are considerably lower. As a guideline, the model you choose will depend on how much heat you need on a ”normal day” and how many days a year you need the system to work at full effect.

In Norskens Wood´s case the best solution turned out to be three NIBE F2025 14 kW air/water heat pumps. They are supported by a 42 kW electric boiler EP42. All the rooms at Norskens Wood´s premises are heated by an under floor heating system, including the upper floor.


“We’ve tested the whole system during the coldest winter days without any problem,” says Sven-Olof Sjöholm at Norsken. According to NIBE’s Fredrik Snygg, “More and more people are realising that air/water heat pumps are a good option for larger premises.

Using a NIBE SMO 10 control unit, you can easily link 9 heat pumps up together in the same system. Providing up to 180 kW (F2300-20) heat, this adequately covers the needs of the majority of buildings in southern Sweden.”