Liljestrand Fastigheter in Stockholm

Liljestrand in remote control!

Liljestrand Fastigheter in Stockholm was one of the first companies to install heat pumps with the new Internet connection NIBE Uplink. The company has three NIBE F1345s in its newly-built warehouses and controls them remotely from the office some distance away, or from a computer anywhere in the world.

Liljestrand Fastigheter’s business concept is rather special. It purchases land and builds residential property on it and then sells the properties to housing associations. The company has been buying heating systems for years and installs about ten heat pumps a year in its properties.

Håkan Westman, who is a project engineer at the company, tells us, ”Ground source heating seemed the obvious choice for the new warehouse that we built.

We have two almost identical buildings with similar energy heating requirements.

We have installed a NIBE F1330 in one of them and the other is heated by a district heatingsystem. When you compare the heating costs, the heat pump clearly offers the best savings!”

The company decided to install three 60 kW NIBE F1345s in its new building. The three pumps also heat the office building 60 metres away through an underground air tunnel. This means the district heating system is no longer needed for the office and will be disconnected.

”Connected to NIBE Uplink, I can control and monitor the three pumps from the office or on an iPad or smartphone. It was really simple to get started and it will be interesting as a trial installation for the properties that we build and sell.

Uplink enables us to help new buyers keep an eye on their heating systems and provide ”self-help” without having to be on site.”