Real estate company LimhamnsHus

Switches to ground source heat pumps in apartment buildings.

Real estate company LimhamnsHus with approx. 1800 apartments are now switching to heat pumps for the heating of their properties. ”In all houses where the heating systems are going to be changed, it is heat pumps that will be installed”, says Staffan Berg at Limhamnshus.

Limhamnshus is one of Swedens most expansive private real estate owners. From Malmö in the south to Norrköping they have approx, 1800 apartments, wich adds up to a total of 70,000 square meters.

Right now approx. half of that is heated with heat pumps and the number is increasing each year.

”We have made a policy decision to always switch to ground source energy when it is time to change the heating systems in our buildings”.

”Refering to the environment, the economy and strategy, fossil fuel is out of the picture today. But we have also decided to leave district heating out, as it ties us to one supplier which makes us loose our freedom of choice”.

”It would tie us to something that we would not be in charge of ourselves”

The last one in the line of properties that Limhamnshus has provided with a heat pump solution is situated in Oskarsström just outside Halmstad. The property which was built in 1966 has 72 apartments of a total of 4 400 square meters divided into four separate buildings.

”Before there were a large gas-bolier in a boiler room that heated everything. From the gas-boiler the heat was led through culverts into the four buildings, says Fredrik Snygg”, regional manager at NIBE.

As of today there are 16 boreholes, each of them 180 m deep, and four NIBE FIGHTER 1320 of 40 kW each that heat the apartments, and the hot water that is needed.

”We now have four separate boiler rooms, one in each house. In each boiler house there is a 40 kW NIBE FIGHTER 1320 which heat up the building”, says Fredrik Snygg.

”There is also a 13kW electric boiler in each boiler room”. As of before the energy consumption was approx. 760 000 kWh gas per year while the apartment building today uses only 270 000 kWh electricity per year. That is 35 % of the past energy consumption and a reduction of 65 %.

LimhamnsHus AB that own the property are more than happy with the installation.

”Within the first year we saved more than € 35 000”, says Staffan Berg.

The company estimates that the investment cost of € 180 000 will have repaid itself in four years due to the lower cost of heating.