The Ice Hotel

Heat pumps make the ice hotel hot and the world cold.

The background

When you make your living out of the cold - which is the case for northern Sweden’s Ice Hotel –thinking about climate issues is unavoidable. The Ice Hotel is a powerful symbol of mankind’s struggle against global warming. Its owners recently launched the concept of CO2 Negative, which is about alleviating climate change. Not content with becoming CO2 neutral, the Ice Hotel is determined to go one step further and actually absorb more CO2 than it emits.

Climate-smart heating plays a major role in the CO2 Negative initiative. In addition to its well-known hotel, the complex includes some 30 buildings which are kept at a normal room temperature. More and more of these are being heating by ground source heat pumps.

A bonus for the Ice Hotel is that the geothermal heat extraction process actually cools the ground, thus creating an environment where snow and ice will remain longer.


The first ground source heat pump was installed at the Ice Hotel in 2000. Today the hotel has 14 NIBE heat pumps, ranging from 7 kW to 40 kW. The latest was installed in the winter of 2009.

Overall, the hotel heats an area of almost 5,000 square meters using heat pumps. Some were installed in new buildings, while others were used to replace existing installations.


Exact savings are hard to calculate since the installation has been installed gradually. However, there is no doubt that hundreds of tons of CO2 and millions of SEK have been saved as result.