The property company Sandbanken

No holes in Klippan.

The property company Sandbanken in Klippan has selected an interesting solution for two apartment buildings with a total of nearly 100 apartments. A combination of air /water heat pumps and ground source heat pumps for ventilation recovery have been used to significantly reduce the costs of both heating and hot water.

Sandbanken's original thought was to reduce the cost of district heating, which was done by installing five new NIBE F2300 air/water heat pumps to the radiator system in one of the buildings. This markedly reduced the cost of heating, but not the cost of hot water production. The system was then supplemented in the spring with a NIBE F1345, which is used for hot water production through ventilation air recovery.

"Now there is a system that gives great savings, but without a single borehole", says Peter Larsson at CSAB in Örkelljunga who carried out the installation.

Because all the electricity that is purchased is from wind turbines it means that heating the properties is now 90% CO2 neutral.

During the summer a similar installation was carried out in another property. Both the installations are controlled by NIBE's new SMO40 control module, which allows the property company personnel to monitor and control the installation remotely via NIBE Uplink. CSAB’s technicians are also connected and can obtain all operating information and change the settings at any time.

"It saves a lot of time if you don't need to travel to the site when something happens. By being able to check everything from the car – around the clock– one can quickly see if there really is a problem and if necessary what tools to take.