Biggest ever apartment building installation for NIBE

Work has now commenced on what looks like being NIBE’s biggest ever installation in apartment buildings. Thulehem in Lund has 270 apartments that will now be heated by no fewer than 16 x NIBE F1330 ground source heat pumps.

Thulehem in Lund is serviced accommodation of the type that many of us might dream about experiencing in our latter days. A complete residential area with low apartment building embedded in greenery, and right in the middle of it, a Skåne garden square with restaurant, surgery, library and more. Like a holiday complex where one can reside permanently… In total over 300 people live in the 270 apartments here. It was built between 1962-67 and originally heated by a centrally located oil fired boiler in its own building, but for a number of years district heating has been used. Over the years the culvert systems began to leak and it became clear that something had to be done.

“ The Thulehem Foundation turns over 25 million SEK per annum, and we have heating costs of around 4 million SEK” says Gunilla Wachtmeister who was responsible for the procurement. “It was decided to try ground source heating. It was apparent that the heating installation should not be in a single location. By equipping each long house with its own boiler room the problem of the culverts was neatly resolved.”

When the procurement was made the NIBE F1330 was found to be the most appropriate product. Not least due to the small volume of refrigerant. Because each heat pump contains two compressors, each with less than 3 refrigerant there is no need for annual certification. With 16 heat pumps and a total of 38 compressors that is a cost of up to 100,000 SEK annually that can be avoided.

”It is not just a major installation”, says Fredrik Snygg at NIBE. ”Because it involves older people it is very important that there is a really high capacity for hot water. Each boiler room is equipped with a NIBE F1330 and two accumulator tanks for hot water, each holding 500 litres that is then ”diluted”. This means that the we have 2000 litres of shower temperature water. To ensure that there really is full heating even during cold snaps, the system is overdimensioned with a 40 kW heating boiler for peak heating.”